When In Doubt, Start

I had an adventurous friend who would refer to the above quote time and again. Though it sounds counterintuitive, it makes perfect sense. It was his way of saying: “don’t let fear stop you”, “take the chance/risk anyway”, “just do it”. I’ve had the desire to start a blog for quite some time now. But for one reason or the other, whether it was being caught in the midst of self-sabotaging patterns, getting sidetracked with distractions, derailed off course with life’s impromptu moments and challenges I would never get around to it. Last year I even began a list of blog post titles on topics I want to write about. And still I didn’t start. That is, until today.

Today is the day I begin and this is where I start. Despite doubt, despite fear, despite not really knowing where this will all lead. I’m simply committed to hitting the publish button, regardless of how ready or not I am. Regardless of the fact that I don’t have my blog entirely set up right or that it’s not perfectly designed and I’m using a WP theme though I’m a professional web designer. So what changed? Why am I so willing to dive in and get in the game of living life on a grander scale? An internal shift happened.

A few months ago, I arrived at the place within where letting go of all the things that have held me back from living the life of my dreams became the natural and easy thing to do. After spending most of 2014 going through hell, doing lots of work on myself and digging deep to uncover my saboteur, I finally got to the point where the shift for the better is unfolding organically. I forgave, said goodbye to my false identity and a healing of sorts is now taking place. I began to care less and less of what others would think and more importantly, decided to let go of striving for perfection. I realized it was more important to put myself out there rather than get it right the first time and that it was high time to honor my longing to be seen, to be heard, to become visible. I took witness of how many countless bloggers, entrepreneurs and work at home moms began without perfection, without having it all together and yet had achieved a considerable amount of success.

This is what I want. Success as defined by own terms, to live more authentically and honor my truth, a greater amount of personal freedom, world travel and to be consistently doing the things I love most. Whether it’s living life fully by virtue of adventure, engaged in creativity and continually evolving consciously, this is where I’ll share the journey. I have a voice. A voice that wants to tell a story, many stories in fact and I want to share it with the world because I believe my story, is probably your story and that telling it can make a difference.

Was there ever a time you were doubtful about following your desire or path but started any way? Let us know in the comments.

4 Replies to “When In Doubt, Start”

  1. “When in doubt, start”? That’s really unique thought. I was taught that whenever person feels doubt it means that it is something that he/she doesn’t need. But I like this idea. Whenever you can do, just do it, because even if it is wrong you’ll have your lesson out of it.
    To be honest,I completely understand your feelings, as I am really a coward. I am always afraid to start even though I have million of ideas. Hope to be inspired by your example!

    1. That’s why I wrote this post because fear and doubt will always surface to stop us if we let it and the best thing you can do is feel the discomfort it brings up and do it anyway! I hope you find inspiration too :))

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